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Credit Counseling: Bristol (TN)

Enlisting the help of an established Bristol credit counseling service could be the first step toward freedom from debt.

Let us put you in touch with a debt specialist who can:

  • Analyze Your Spending habits.
  • Provide a Savings Estimate.
  • Advice You on the Most Effective Solution.

Ideally suited individuals have these characteristics:

  • Owe at Least $3,5000
  • Steady Income

In the end, credit counseling is way better for your credit score than debt settlement because you never cease paying your credit card companies.

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Debt in Bristol: When is it Too Much?

The average income for residents of Bristol is $10,304 each year, which is $859 every month. You need to meet with a credit counselor if you make this much and find you are shelling out $369 to $430 each month on debts like:

  • Credit Cards
  • All Loans – Vehicle, Payday, Home
  • Mortgage or Rent

If you’re in significant debt, your credit counselor could very well advise you to enroll in a debt management plan or DMP. With a debt management plan, your Bristol TN credit counselor may able to secure less expensive rates of interest and costs from your credit card companies. Your credit counselor will work with your creditors personally.

Credit Card Counseling Bristol TN

Please remember that zero debt is absolved when it comes to credit counseling. While a debt settlement would decrease the amount you owe, it just might ruin your credit score.

Tips on Avoiding Credit Counseling Shams: Bristol (TN)

Credit Counseling Bristol TN

If you hook up with an honest firm, credit counseling can really help. Actually, the FTC now demands it for people who want to file bankruptcy in Tennessee and across the country, but respected credit counseling services in Bristol and throughout the nation typically provide:

  • Authorized Consultants
  • Authentic Testimonials
  • Immediate Answers to Any Inquiries
  • No cost Counseling

Remember, being a non profit won’t necessarily mean that a credit counseling service is reputable, and for profit doesn’t mean they are not to be trusted.

You should never work with a credit counselor you can’t put your confidence in. We want to help you find a good Bristol credit counseling specialist.

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Credit Counseling Bristol TN

Everything you owe has to be repaid. However, your monthly payments should be smaller because of discounts in interest rates and penalty charges.

To learn exactly how much a DMP could save you, get in touch with a knowledgeable credit counselor in Bristol, TN – today!

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Credit Counseling Bristol TN

The FTC prohibits credit counseling firms from billing you prior to consolidating your debt. Although not free, managing debt is a cost effective option for many Bristol residents. There is typically an enrollment fee of no more than $75, along with a monthly charge of $25-$30. If you can pay off 2.5% of the amount you owe every month, you could pay back your debts in approximately 40 months, but only if your credit counseling firm is able to lock up your interest rate. With interest, it’s going to take a good bit longer.

The following is a top level view of how much we’re talking about, based on varying degrees of unpaid debt.

Debt 2.1% 2.5%
$5000 $105 $125
$10,000 $210 $250
$15,000 $315 $375
$20,000 $420 $500
$45,000 $945 $1125
$50,000 $1050 $1250
$60,000 $1260 $1500
$65,000 $1365 $1625
$70,000 $1470 $1750
$75,000 $1575 $1875
$80,000 $1680 $2000
$85,000 $1785 $2125
$100,000 $2100 $2500

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy: Bristol (TN)

Bankruptcy Counseling Bristol TN

More and more people in Bristol have been considering bankruptcy. Of the 38,992 residents of Bristol, it’s estimated that 280 have gone into bankruptcy.

As of 2005, anybody in Bristol who wishes to file for bankruptcy should first obtain an official document proving that they signed up for an approved credit counseling course in Bristol, TN.

You aren’t required to work with your local Bristol credit counseling agency to do this. Bankruptcy credit counseling courses for Bristol locals are offered on the web and on the telephone, not just in person.

The process typically takes 90 minutes, and may cost about $50, but the cost must be waived if you’re unable to pay.

For an approved list of approved Tennessee credit counseling programs, simply click here. On the other hand, you can get in touch with a qualified credit consultant by submitting this form.

Debt Management and Credit Counseling in Bristol, TN